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Summer Love (समर लभ)

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Author: Subin Bhattarai
Original Title: समर लभ
Translator: Pratima Sharma
Cover Artist:
  • Prinsha Shrestha (Model)
  • Kishor Kayastha (Image)
  • Subarna Humagai (Format)
Country: Nepal
Language: Nepali/ English
Genre: Love Story
Publisher: Fine Print
Publication Date: 2012
Media type : Print
Pages: 247
ISBN : 9789937856386
Followed by : Saya

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Summer Love is a Nepali novel by Subin Bhattarai published by Fine Print in 2012. Bhattarai's Second Book and first novel, the plot concerns college students at the Central Department of Environmental Science (CDES) at Tribhuvan University falling in love. It was a best-selling book in Nepal with in excess of 20,000 copies sold, and one of the best-selling books in the country for the year. Saaya is the sequel Summer Love Novel. Summer Love is now available in English. Pratima Sharma translated the book from Nepali to English. A Sequel Titled Saaya was released in September 2014.

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